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Future Vision

Futurevision Vitamins Are An Effective Complex Formulated To Enhance The Vision Function And Support The Eye Apparatus.

Indications for Use
The vitamins can be recommended to everyone seeking to keep their eyes healthy and preserve sharp sight until a very old age. They are administered to men and women who spend much time in front of a TV-set or a PC monitor, suffer from ophthalmologic conditions or are elderly persons above 60. FutureVision is also used for varicose veins or diabetes mellitus and to prevent glaucoma, cataract, dry
eye syndrome, ophthalmopathy and retinopathy.

The offered product features numerous beneficial properties. It:

  • improves vision;
  • removes eye strain and tiredness caused by siting at PC;
  • stabilizes intraocular tension;
  • reduces swelling under eyes.
  • Removing Eye Tiredness A􀅌er High Loads
  • Higher Sight Sharpness
  • Swelling Removal

The FutureVision vitamins have all necessary quality certificates and can be used as a supplementary source of nutrients to remove free radicals reduce retinal separation risks and maintain glutathione supply to the eye lens.
The product features enhanced bioavailability and comes in vegetable-based capsules with prebiotics, which promotes betier digestion by the alimentary system and gut
microflora improvement.


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