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We are starting from R&D pipline: R&D is still the lifeblood of any pharma company. We are working on it as an essential step for every product. Since without such strong pipeline, it’s almost impossible to pump enough new product into the market to pay the staggering cost of everyday drug discovery and development. Pipeline growth measures R&D success. Other factors that are taken into account when assessing the value of a pipeline include the size of the target market of each drug, the market share that the drug is expected to capture and the risk that it will not be approved.  The cost of developing a new drug is astronomical – typically a drug costs many hundreds of millions and can reach 1 billion dollars over 15–17 years. Assessing this risk and filtering out as early as possible compounds that may not eventually get approved is essential to the pharmaceutical industry and involves checking the effectiveness of drugs as well as the likelihood of toxic events.

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